A Business Partner You Can Trust 

Tina Marie Hollywood Productions, Inc. (TMHP, Inc.) is a full-service business development production company. We serve small- to mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations from start-up to establishment. We are your one-stop shop for guidance, direction, business rejuvenation, and niche target marketing. We will turn your dreams into a reality and your passions into a lifestyle. Life isn't about winning or losing; it's about who you help along the way.

Meet the Owner

Tina M. Scotland has more than 20 years of experience in business. She is considered by many in her field as a business and marketing guru. Ms. Scotland has helped in marketing and branding several businesses in New York City, California, Florida, Maryland, Atlanta and Washington DC, just to name a few. She is an entrepreneur, leader, and trailblazer. Being on the board of community organizations and helping in several non-profit organizations, she has come to realize the importance of people helping people in business and in life.

Ms. Scotland is a volunteer and speaker at Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization known around the world for women empowerment and helping families in need. Ms. Scotland is one of their appointed speakers for their graduation ceremonies and women empowerment conferences. Ms. Scotland never shies away from an opportunity to use her voice as a positive impact on the community. Ms. Scotland held a weekly segment called ‘Wellness Wednesday’ on the popular ‘Tom Joyner Morning Show’ and is currently a host on ‘The Urban Café.

Ms. Scotland previously served as the marketing director for the Danny Glover Foundation Inc and is now the executive director for the Quinton Aaron Foundation Inc. Along with her directorship; Ms. Scotland is the vice president of the Tampa Bay Chambers of Commerce in which she enforces policies, bylaws, and objectives for the organization daily.  

Ms. Scotland believes that success is not a destination; it's a journey and she's enjoying her ride.